Leonardo Featherbone Tool Medium

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The Leonardo Featherbone Medium Tool has a tweezer length of 7 or 8 inches depending on which length is available at the time of ordering. The head of the tool measures 1 by 1 1/2 inches. The prongs are .05mm. FREE beeswax shipped with order.

ATTENTION: Please read before using: The stainless steel tools can be used with boro or soft glass.

* Allow hot glass to chill a bit or get a “skin” on and then pinch/press. There is a small learning curve in using the tool…beautiful lines compared to stuck glass or little imprint.

*If the glass gets stuck DO NOT PULL THE PRONGS APART TO TRY TO GET THE GLASS RELEASED…Quench in cold water or you will pull the prongs off center, especially the fine tools.

 *Use pick, stylus or razor tool to pick glass out of the prongs. The glass will come out when you