Logo IconI am opening my schedule to allow for teaching and instruction once a month at this point.

I have been asked numerous times if I teach. I have had private lessons in my home studio for beginners and have taught at the local university on occasion for special programs. I would prefer to travel and give students the opportunity to take a class in their hometown. I love seeing new places and meeting new people that share the same love of beadmaking that I do. Please email for pricing and any questions.

Logo IconBeginner Lampwork Class: 3 day workshop

Making your first beads. Creating and perfecting round beads, using bead presses, pulling stringer and stringer use, making simple handmade cane, dots, lines, raking,frits, powders. Once you perfect the shape of a round bead and understand flame control you are on your way to the intermediate/advanced class. I am flexible on what the students would like to learn.

Logo IconIntermediate/Advanced Lampwork Class:3 day work shop
I specialize in perfecting hollows in various shapes but enjoy the large rounds most of all. My experience and expertise is with using metals; gold, silver, palladium and copper. Reduction frits (metallics), dichroic, fine silver wire and pixie dust are seen in my beads. I am very flexible on what the students want to learn. I make latticno discs and discs with powders and reduction frits as well. I have done just about everything in the past 11 years. I work a bit with the organic style with a touch of specific patterns and trying to perfect the shape.

Logo IconFlower Intermediate/Advanced Lampwork Class: 2 – 3 day workshop
Learn how to make various styles of sculpted flowers and leaves using the Leonardo Petal Pullers (pat. pend.) and other tools, such as a "ruffler" and leaf impression presses. Karen will show you how to make her 6 petal flowers that she is know for and such flowers as wild violet, poppy, columbine, and trillium among other flowers. You will make handmade petal cane and any components to complete your flowers. Bring your leaf presses, any favorite tools and a coffee or candle warmer to class. Petal Pullers and "rufflers" will be available for the class to use.  So, come discover the wonderful world of sculpted flowers!

Logo IconCreating Lampwork for Jewelry Class: 2-3 day workshop
This class is based off my book "Creating Lampwork for Jewelry" by Karen J. Leonardo. Some lampwork skills needed, beginner to intermediate.  Bring your beads and we will discuss what works best in various jewelry designs. What  types of beads sell better for the jewelry designer. This class is for the hobby lampworker, as well as, the person that sells their beads or those that just want to make beads that go well in jewelry. I will give a  little critic on what they are making now, we will learn to make new lampwork beads and what is HOT(pun intened)  for the season!  Open forum and lots of torch time! We won't make any jewelry, only beads, but you can bring your designs to share :)